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In honor of May 2011 Better Speech and Hearing Month, Speechcenter, Inc. offers Free Speech Screenings from May until August.  Communication disorders can sometimes be recognized early by parents or physicians by having access to screenings.  However, there can be a delay in diagnosing or realizing that there is a speech disorder due to a variety of reasons.  One of the common misconceptions is that a “child may grow out of it”.  Being proactive about communication disorders can have a profound impact on a child’s life, and early intervention is the key.  A parent should be concerned if a child is not progressing in their language and speech skills depending on the age of the child and the level of severity.  The goal of the screening is to rule in or out the possibility of a speech disorder and then move on to define the specific disorder that needs to be treated. 

Speechcenter provides assessment and therapy programs for children with communication disorders related to physical/structural anatomy development, injury, deaf and hard of hearing, syndromes, stuttering, language articulation, receptiveness, cognitive understanding, and speaking.  Additionally, Speechcenter also provides evaluations for swallowing and feeding concerns.  Age appropriate screening and family-oriented treatment is very appealing to the parents of children who are faced with communication disorders.  Speechcenter’s team of 65 Clinicians specializes in the treatment of patients in the natural home environment, or other facilities that are usual settings, to create sustainable therapy while engaging the family in ongoing care geared toward obtaining life goals.   

The Free Speech Screening initiative is geared to help parents or caregivers to identify if children are trending with the appropriate benchmarks for their age.  The screening includes a set of diagnostics geared to identify if the child’s current progress is above or below age appropriate levels.  This information is confidentially provided to the family with sound recommendations from licensed Speech-Language Pathologists who are masters-level educated professionals specifically educated and trained in the field of communication disorders. 

It is important for children to understand what is being communicated to them, so they can articulate back what they need to say.  For receptive language, we need to know what they are able to understand.  In expressive language, it is important for us to know what they say and how they say it.  Without adequate levels of expressive or receptive language, negative life impacts can occur such as isolation from educational and social interactions affecting their ongoing quality of life.  Assessments in older children include word ordering, sentence structures, and correct responsiveness to communication.  If children are not able to remember basic instructions, have difficulties in producing sounds, or challenges with responsive communication parents should feel encouraged to seek screening as early in life as possible.

Speechcenter will hold free, individual speech screenings by appointment by calling (336) 725-0222 or (800) 323-3123.   Child Care Center Owners or Directors who are interested in providing the Free Screening opportunity to their facility should contact Melissa Reavis to schedule an appointment. Screenings can be scheduled at participating child care facilities with parental consent, and will be conducted in a confidential environment with results being provided directly to the parent.   Each screening lasts approximately 15 minutes and is conducted by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist employed with Speechcenter, Inc..  Screenings can be provided in English and Spanish based on availability. 

Since 1982, Speechcenter, Inc. is a private Speech-Language Therapy practice located at 185 Charlois Boulevardin Winston-Salemserving geriatric through pediatric patients with speech, language, swallowing, and feeding disorders in a wide array of facilities and in the natural environment.  Speechcenter employs over 65 licensed, masters degreed therapists and clinical fellows throughout Central and Western North Carolina.  Our Patients and Staff are Our Stars!  For more information, contact Melissa Reavis, Clinical Development Specialist, at 336-725-0222 or 800-323-3123 or visit on the web at www.speechcenter.net.



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