InsideHalton Article: PC Children’s Charity funds Burlington boy’s speech therapy

PC Children’s Charity funds Burlington boy’s speech therapy

A smile says a thousand words. President’s Choice Children’s Charity represented by Franchisee Joe Mangiapane (right) presented $5,415 to Ryan Stone-Dalton, 6, (left) for speech-language therapy at Fortinos Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road on Tuesday morning. Stone-Dalton has cerebral palsy. Nikki Wesely/Metroland Media Group
BURLINGTON – The motto of President’s Choice Children’s Charity is ‘Making difficult lives a little easier,’ and that’s precisely what they accomplished for Ryan Stone-Dalton.
The six-year-old Burlington boy, who suffers from cerebral palsy and has difficulty communicating as a result, can now attend a speech-language therapy program thanks to the foundation.

On Tuesday (Jan. 22), Ryan and his mom, Alicia Dalton, were invited to the Fortinos Supermarket at Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road where they received a cheque for $5,415 to fund the treatment.

“I really appreciate what they’re doing, helping out Ryan. It’s going to be great for him,” said Alicia.
“I’m hoping that he will be able to speak for himself instead of having me or a book to rely on to help him communicate with others,” she added. “It will give him more independence.”

As Ryan enjoyed a piece of Fortinos cake, which read “Congratulations Ryan,” Alicia told the Post her son is excited to begin his speech therapy.

“I keep telling him, ‘Wow, we’re going to get more words,’” she said, “and he’s like ‘yay!’”

According to Alicia, it hasn’t been easy for Ryan growing up. Along with cerebral palsy, which causes him a lack of muscle control, he also suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, a developmental disorder that affects his fine motor functions.
Ryan attends Erinoakkids Centre for Treatment and Development for physio and occupational therapy. He also receives botox injections in his legs, which allow him to walk.

Alicia said speech therapy will be another big step for Ryan’s development.

“It brings me so much joy because I want the best for him,” she said.

Fortinos franchisee Joe Mangiapane said he was pleased his store could be part of the celebration for Ryan.

“We’re thankful for our customers’ donations and the employee donations that go to the President’s Choice Children’s Charity,” he said. “To be able to give back to the community and see the smile on Ryan’s face and know that it’s really going to further his development, it’s a fantastic feeling.”

In 2012, the President’s Choice Children’s Charity helped 50 families in Ontario, donating a total of $578,459.29 to help make their lives better.

The President’s Choice Children’s Charity accepts applications for their programs. For more information about President’s Choice Children’s Charity, visit


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