Clock is ticking on autism coverage bill

Clock-Ticking-2163517As many as 1 in 70 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in North Carolina, but we remain one of only 17 states left that do not require insurance companies to cover treatment for this growing neurological disorder.

On May 15, the House of Representatives voted 105-7 to pass HB 498, which would mandate insurance companies to cover scientifically proven treatments for autism like speech therapy, occupational therapy and applied behavioral analysis, which is the treatment of choice for autism.
The bill is sitting in the Senate but has not been introduced for a vote.

Our bill may die.

My 3-year-old son was diagnosed with autism last year, and this bill is vital in helping him to reach his highest potential.
We can’t afford to pay for his therapy out of pocket.

We have insurance, and we pay a large amount for our premium monthly, but they will not cover anything related to autism.
Please contact our state Senate representatives and tell them our children with autism deserve this legislation.
North Carolina needs to be the 34th state to pass this vital piece of legislation.

The clock is ticking.

Rebecca DeAntonio, Rutherfordton


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