FUN DIALECT ARTICLE! Y’all, you all, or you guys?

Dialect maps showcase America’s many linguistic  divides

  • A North  Carolina State University doctoral student’s fascination with differences in  U.S. dialects led him to create over 100 maps that show the colorful ways in  which American English diverges

  By Joshua Gardner

PUBLISHED:20:30 EST, 5 June  2013| UPDATED:05:23 EST,  6 June 2013

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Do you call a long sandwich  of cold cuts a sub, a hoagie, or a hero? A slew of new maps prove how you answer  this, and a load of other questions, can betray where in America you come  from.

The regional differences in  America are apparent to anyone who has traveled even a state or two from their  home, but some differences in dialect aren’t as obvious—or as well known—as  others.

But North Carolina State  University doctoral student in statistics took the data compiled from  120-question survey by Cambridge professor Dr. Bert Vaux that asked American’s  questions like how they pronounce ‘lawyer’or ‘crayon’ or what exactly they call  that cold cut sandwich and turned it all into fascinating maps that show just  how dialectically divided the country really is.



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