For Clients and Families

Client Services:

Comprehensive Evaluations:
Speech-language, AAC Assessment, swallowing and oral motor. Includes caregiver input and easy to read reports.

Individualized Therapy:
One-on-one for adult or pediatric clients. Treatment plans are individualized for client needs. Service Settings:
• Natural Environments (Click Here to learn more)
• Homes, Daycares, Schools
• Hospitals
• Speechcenter’s Clinics
• Skilled Nursing Facilities
• Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics
• Adolescent and Adult MR Group Homes
• And many more!

Areas of Expertise:
Our speech-language pathologists are the BEST and we are proud to say so!

NC licensed and ASHA certified, our experienced speech-language pathologists offer a wide range of specialization and skill. With ongoing education, they offer advanced methods and techniques. Our areas of expertise include, but
are not limited to:

* Adult language remediation
* Aphasia
* Apraxia
* Articulation
* Auditory perceptual deficits
* Augmentative communication (high and low tech)-AAC
* Aural rehabilitation for hearing impaired individuals
* Autistic spectrum disorders
* Bedside swallowing evaluation
* Cochlear implant related speech and language therapy
* Cognitive retraining following CVA
* Dysfluency (stuttering)
* Dysphagia (swallowing)
* Expressive and receptive language intervention
* Fluency
* Modified barium swallowing studies
* Oral motor
* Phonology
* Pragmatic language
* VitalStim ® Therapy
* Voice disorders


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